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Child Support

Savannah Child Support Lawyer

The state of Georgia strives to ensure that its citizens are financially protected after divorce. To this end, courts may award child support. As your Savannah child support lawyer, I will work with you to obtain the financial support you need to raise your children.

At my law firm, I can help you establish an initial child support order, modify a temporary order or judgment, or seek enforcement of an established order (contempt). Contact my firm online to set up your initial consultation.

Savannah Child Support Lawyer


Helping You With Your Child Support Issues

Child support in Georgia is governed by guidelines that consider the income of each party, the child custody arrangement and the number of children. However, the courts may deviate from the guidelines for many reasons, including if the parties have a nontraditional child custody arrangement, if the combined gross income of both parents is greater than $250,000, if a parent has extraordinary travel expenses related to visitation, or if it is in the best interests of the child.

The goal of child support orders is to ensure that children are not financially disadvantaged by divorce or separation. The court realizes, however, that two households cannot be run on the same amount of money as one. At my Savannah Georgia law firm, I will guide you through this process and ensure that your rights, as well as the best interests of your children, are protected.

Savannah Child Support Lawyer

Contact Me to Hire a Child Support Lawyer in Savannah

As your lawyer, I can help you obtain an initial child support order, obtain a modification of a temporary order or final judgment, implement or terminate a wage garnishment, represent you in administrative proceedings with the Georgia Department of Child Support Enforcement Unit, secure health insurance and medical expense payments, and enforce orders to establish arrears through contempt proceedings.

To seek help regarding your financial needs following a divorce, contact my Savannah child support law firm.

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