Recent Updates in Georgia Adoption Law from Our Savannah Adoption Lawyer

Savannah Adoption Lawyer

n September of 2018  a major overhaul of Georgia’s adoption laws went into effect lifting some of the obstacles facing couples who want to adopt a child. Our Savannah Adoption Lawyer explains:

The adoption law will ensure that Georgia residents can stay in-state and not travel elsewhere to adopt. The new law will make it easier for prospective parents to navigate the adoption process to adopt a child right here in Georgia.

The new Georgia adoption law:

  • Shortens the revocation time allowed for the biological mother to reverse her decision to put her child up for adoption from 10 days to 4 days.
  • Allows birth mothers to seek reimbursement from adoptive parents for basic living expenses in private and agency-run adoptions.
  • Allows parties to domesticate international adoption decrees.
  • Eliminates a six-month residency requirement before adopting.
  • Allows temporary power of attorney over a child to be transferred to another parent in some circumstances.

Georgia’s adoption laws have not been updated since 1990 but now are similar to other states. If you are seeking assistance with an adoption, Contact our Savannah adoption lawyer today at 833-732-6529.